A new creative venture: Digital Art Prints

Vintage Inspired Art Prints and Contemporary Modern Art Prints

You may be wondering what a digital painting is? What do I mean when I say that I created a digital art painting? Digital painting is the process of painting on a tablet, a smart phone or a computer. This is done through painting software that recreates the experience of paint brushes, pens, pencils, and paint on paper. An Apple Pencil, stylus or simply a finger can be used to draw, sketch or paint on a touch screen.

I use a program called Procreate on my iPad to “paint” and I love that I can create anywhere: out in the farm fields, sitting by our pond, waiting in the car or curled up in bed. I can pick up my iPad at any time of the day and come back to a piece that I am working on to gain a fresh perspective without having to clean up a mess.

On the surface, creating art on a computer seems so very contrary to my natural ink adventures. Yet, if you think outside the box a little bit, transposing my daily walks in the fields into abstract landscapes without using any art supplies other than my ipad does fit into my passion for reducing my ecological footprint. And while no visual art is innately sustainable, creating digital art and then printing with an eco-friendly company is consistent with my values. I chose a local Canadian company called PosterJack to print my paintings using water based non-toxic inks printed on FSC certified fine-art photo rag.

When I first starting creating digital art, my vision was to recreate vintage landscapes. There is no end to my inspiration as I am surrounded by fields and streams and rolling hills.

my studio is surrounded by farm fields

I added both a craquelure and a canvas effect on these vintage-inspired landscape paintings to recreate an antique look.

The landscapes then led to a vintage-inspired still life painting of a pear and a portrait of my daughter.

I applied both a craquelure and a canvas effect on this vintage-inspired
portrait of my daughter.

I also combined my love of clouds, bodies of water and fields to create a more modern abstract collection. Each of these pieces have a lovely canvas texture that is smooth to the touch but a visual treat for the eyes.

All of these pieces are available to purchase in various sizes in my Etsy shop and I currently have 3 paintings available for purchase through Shop Hacienda