Abstract Seascapes

power and peace


I recently discovered a most inspiring poet, author, artist and photographer named Tyler Knott Gregson.  I stumbled upon his poems and was utterly taken with his ability to cut right through the layers of mundane life and speak the yearnings of the soul.  In a recent interview he commented on his creative process:  “We create what we do out of necessity for ourselves. It’s a way for us to cope…  My mind when I am writing one [a poem] usually isn’t even entirely present, it’s more of a frantic rush to get the thoughts down so I can stop carrying them, so when I am done I feel better. I feel empty, but in the best way.”

Well, once again, he spoke my truth loud and clear.  Painting is my way of coping through all the medical chaos I have experienced in the past year.  It is my way of tuning out the details of life that can overwhelm and cloud my mind.  And when I am done a painting, my mind and heart just “knows”.  It really is a rare and miraculous experience to feel fully confident for no apparent reason other than my heart says,”I feel empty, but in the best way”.

I have also been attempting a little experiment of diving deeper into the creative experience and blocking out external distractions while in the act of painting.  Instead I have been feasting my ears to the sounds of ocean waves, which have always calmed my spirit and inspired me to dream.  The musical movement of the waves has seeped into my seascape paintings while opening my creative spirit up to new possibilities.

Here are a few seascapes that have burst forth in this new creative bent.

 misty seascape innocent sky aqua and gray seascape aqua beige and gray seascape aqua and beige seascape blue seascape follow your heart to the sea

All of these paintings can be purchased in my Etsy shop:  https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/melissamaryjenkins

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